8. Can you give me some ideas to make my Virtual Food Drive a success?

Sure!  The keys to success are pretty simple:

+Make it personal – add a photo and your personal story to your page. Why are you fundraising for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank – why is it important to you? Tell your story. This will help your supporters understand why they should help. (You can update your personal page though your Participant Centre. Contact us if you would like help with this.)

+Donate to yourself – it’s important that you make your own personal donation to kick start your campaign. Lead by example, the amount of the first donation will set the bar for others that follow. Others generally feel more comfortable donating if they see that someone else has.

+Ask – make a personal appeal to your friends and family. Use the tools inside the Participant Center to send emails or just share your page link via your own personal email.

+Make sure donors share their support – in your requests, ask donors to click the ‘Share’ button on your personal page. When donors share their donation, about 20% of the time it results in a new donation of $15 on average.

+Get a match – Ask your employer if they would make a generous ‘matching gift’ of the total amount or portion raised.

+Leverage the reach of social media – post your campaign on all your social media platforms – share your Virtual Food Drive on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media you use.

+Include everyone in your campaign – be proud to raise funds for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and invite everyone to help. Include friends, family, work colleagues, teammates, club members – anyone. Most people understand how important the work of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank is, and some may even know someone who has used a food bank before. You may be surprised at who will donate to support you.

+Follow up – it is easy for people to overlook emails. They are probably not ignoring you. Send at least one follow-up email and repost on your social media to keep your campaign in front of followers.